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This page exists as a best effort to be more transparent about the (very simple) topology of my website. It should act as both a reference for me when I'm unsure what I've done to setup the flows that it documents as well as to provide others with an opportunity to "see how the sausage is made".

If you find anything here that's unclear and would like to learn more about how to set up a similar flow, feel free to say Hi and we can try to set up some time to talk through it for your website.

#Site Toplogy

There are 3 parts that makeup the workflow of

  • The Development Workflow
  • CI/CD Deployment
  • Ingress Traffic Flow

#The Development Workflow is built and rendered with the v2.0.0 of GatsbyJS—a JAM Stack generator.

#CI/CD Deployment

The source code for is hosted on at

It is built and deployed with Netlify—an awesome platform for automating deployment of JAM stack applications.

A few notes about how CI/CD Deployment is configured:

#Ingress Traffic Flow

The domain is registered with, but uses the custom DNS override so that there is no DNS configuration setup in Namecheap.

A few notes on how the ingress traffic flow is configured:

#Content Structure

Content metadata is intended to allow visitors to find content more easily based on what they're interested in reading.

#Page Type

Page Type is the top-level type for content. Content is either of type pages or articles and is determined by the content's parent directory.


Category is metadata (frontmatter [string] category) that only applies to content with Page Type of articles. There are 4 types of Category:

  • A Tutorial—long-form content that's intended to teach the reader about a technology or how to use a technology.
  • A Snippet—short-form content that is meant to teach the reader a specific piece of a technology. These will almost always require the reader to have some pre-existing knowledge about the technology the snippet is written about.
  • A Thought—short or long-form content written to inform, challenge or educate about something that doesn't involve learning a technology. This type of content will mostly be about team/organizational dynamics, personal resiliency and self-management.
  • A Project-something I'm working on personally, either at work or in my free-time, that may (and likely will) use/relate to a technology I write about.


Topic is metadata (frontmatter [string] topic) referring to the specific technology within a Category. A Tutorial about SSH would have a topic of "SSH".


Tags is metadata (frontmatter [array[string]] tags)—a list of words meant to give readers better context into the content of an article before reading. An example of Tags for an article about JavaScript array methods would be "JavaScript Fundamentals", "Arrays". is powered by GatsbyJS, GitHub & Netlify.
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